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Ello ello. Well with the success of the first giveaway, and the excitement to do another, I’m coming back atchya with another one! This time I’ll be giving away three different iPods that have been sitting in my room because I use my phone for music and frankly don’t need them anymore. I’m also giving away some Call of Duty Swag. (Posters, t-shirts, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on your choice of console) So here are the rules, they’re along the lines of the last ones, but some have changed a bit.


- You don’t need to be in the U.S.

- You must be a FOLLOWER.

- You must REBLOG this post, that will be your entry. LIKING the post will also count as an entry but is entirely up to you. For now I am only allowing one reblog! I will then periodically announce more chances to reblog! So try to stay tuned to my page so you can know when that is!

-  Winners: you will have 24 HOURS to message me back after I message you,or I will just pick again. 1st person to win gets first choice of prize, 2nd person gets second choice. etc. etc. etc.

- People who don’t win: Be sure to stay tuned to see what else I’ll be giving away!

- Contest will end November 30, 2011 at 10PM PST. Winners will be selected the morning after.


I will copy and paste the notes into Word. I will number the notes. Then, I will use to pick the result. After finding someone through the notes I will check to see if you are following me. This will also help me to see who followed the rules! I can use “ctrl+f” to see how many times people reblogged.

Good Luck everyone, and be sure to leave something in my ask box if you have any questions.

Giveaway Informational Video!

Twitter: theO_face

Youtube: phiggapino

Help me win an iPad 2!: Click here for details

Because I know you guys love free shit. With the Call of Duty bonus.

Epic Win.

Epic Win.